Merry Christmas

Dear Alumni Investors and Start-Ups,
thank you very much for your interest and your contribution to Harvard Business School Alumni Angels Association of Germany in 2020.

This very special year was our ramp-up year. Eventually, on December 17 we held our first pitch-night with nearly 30 Alumni Investors from Harvard Business School and Harvard University dialed in. As our guest of honour, we had Jason E. Klein, the Global President of HBSAA with us, sharing his thoughts on angel investing and kicking-off with us officially the German Chapter. We offered three start-ups the opportunity to present their business ideas to you during our Christmas Lounge.

In the next step we plan to further professionalize the German chapter by developing on our structure in 2021.

Finally, we’d like to wish you and your families a merry Christmas. For most of us, this was a year with many challenges and obstacles facing a pandemic of this historic magnitude. We do hope that you and your beloved ones stay healthy and have a smooth and fresh start into 2021 which may become a brighter year for all of us.

Thank you so much for your contribution to HBSAA Germany!
Your HBSAA Germany-Team

Lars, Steffen S., Steffen L. Alexander, Tom and René

30 Alumni joined HBSAA Christmas Lounge

On December 17 nearly 30 Alumni from HBS and HBSAA joined our Christmas Lounge. Three start-ups pitched during the virtual format. Afterwards a lively discussion between entrepreneurs and Alumni investors took place in break-out sessions. Furthermore we had the honor to welcome Jason E. Klein, Global President of HBSAA and Chairman of the New York Chapter to give us some insights on angel investing and kick-off the new German Chapter with us. Many thanks to all Alumni and Start-Ups who dialed in.