Start-Ups: Apply for funding

HBS Alumni Angels of Germany is a resource for entrepreneurs and founders, offering unique educational, financing and networking benefits. 

We are connected to a wide universe of international Harvard Business School alumni with extensive experience as investors, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and senior business leaders in many types of industries and sectors. 

HBS Alumni Angels Germany provide a precise time-line for the processing of applications and give clear decisions to all applicants by the stated deadline. The Screening Committee examines a number of start-ups to present the most promising ones to potential Harvard Business School Alumni investors at Pitch Events. The HBSAA Germany aims to hold at least three pitch events per year with max. five high quality pitch companies selected by our Screening Committee and aligned to our investor needs. 

For those applicants who are short-listed, the screening committee is keen to engage in a dialogue with each entrepreneur and, where appropriate, can offer feedback from industry experts and seasoned investors on pitch submissions. 

The HBSAA Germany network is invaluable to entrepreneurs. We offer insights into how best to raise funds, and we have a significant number of experienced Angels and High Net Worth individuals within our own community as well as extensive links to the broader international Angel and Venture Capital communities for larger capital raises. We are well positioned to fund or provide introductions for later round capital raises, and we may also be able to assist in generating exit opportunities both domestically and overseas. 

How to apply 

Our Screening Committee welcomes applications from the most exciting early-stage companies at all times, but please review carefully our quarterly pitch event dates. 

Please submit your pitch via email to  

Please include the following information in your pitch deck, otherwise we cannot consider your application for screening: 

  • Company contact information 
  • Management team information 
  • Current ownership structure (full Cap-Table)
  • Current funding situation
  • Company profile 
  • Financial summary 
  • Financial forecast (3 years)
  • Industry and competitor analysis
  • Amount of funding required – including use of funds as a separate table
  • Information regarding your business and industry 

    Funding: Angel funding sought in the range of € 0.1m – € 0.5m.

Application criteria

Stage: Early Stage with pre-money enterprise valuation of € 1.0m – € 5.0m
Applicants do not need to have a Harvard affiliation.
We look forward to receiving your application: