HBSAA: The planet’s largest Angel network

The Harvard Business School Alumni Angels Association (HBSAA) is an educational and networking forum for HBS Alumni who are interested in researching and investing in early stage companies on an individual basis. HBSAA forms one of the largest Angel Networks in the world with

15 chapters across 4 continents, 1,000+ members, 300 companies funded  
and $70 million invested. 

With the foundation of the German Chapter, we aim to give the German HBS alumni community the opportunity to network with entrepreneurs and each other and invest in exciting start-up companies in Germany as well as join syndication investments together with other chapters worldwide.  

The idea of the foundation was born during the Reunion 2019 at the HBS Campus in Cambridge MA and is closely accompanied and supported by the HBSAA global organization, the Harvard Business School and the HBS Association of Germany. 

According to estimates there are currently around 6,000 start-ups in Germany. This offers great opportunity for HBS Alumni to engage with and invest in early stage companies.